About Us

It started small, and then grew to be so much more.

When we launched our first dining event, BK Restaurant Week, back in 2018, we had no idea Asia City Media Group’s portfolio of events would quadruple in size just a year and a half later, but it did. Today, we host a range of dining events each year, from BK Restaurant Week to Top Tables Champions.

What we found is that none of our booking system partners could match our needs, so in late 2019 we decided to make our own booking system – found on this website. Launching with Top Tables Champions 2020, the Asia City Booking System will continue to encompass the wide range of dining events Asia City Media Group puts on each year, and will continue to evolve to include other events in 2020.

We host dining events and work with vendors each day, so we know what’s needed in a booking system, and we believe this is the best one our there.

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Our Products

Our portfolio of dining events spans the full range of price points and tastes – Top Tables Champions (fine-dining), BK‌ Restaurant Week (casual dining) and Bad Night Out (nightlife).